Today marks the one year anniversary of regular updates to this comic. When I first started posting comics every Tuesday and Thursday, I made it a goal for myself to do it for an entire year and never break the chain. There may have been one or two times when I posted a little later than I wanted to, but I’m proud to say that I successfully followed through with my plan. Creating a webcomic was something I wanted to do for years, but for one reason or another I never felt completely ready to take it on until the winter/spring of 2011. I’m so happy with how it’s come along, and the fulfillment I’ve gotten from writing and drawing Of The Fittest has reached a level I never would have imagined when I started.

Because of that, this comic has become a necessary outlet for me, something that I feel is essential to my creative sanity. That said, creating a self-imposed twice-weekly deadline was a fun challenge, but it sometimes brought a level of stress and anxiety that now seems a bit silly to me considering this is something I’ve been doing purely for the fun and satisfaction of it. Now that I’ve reached this first milestone, I’m going to ease up on the artificial time limits and take my time to create something I can continue to be very proud of. So from here on out, I’ll be uploading comics whenever I please, which may be twice during some weeks, once during others, or sometimes not at all.

I look at this as a positive thing, as it allows me to do some things that I haven’t felt like I’ve had time to do. One of those things is working on improving my artistic skills and drawing ability. I would really like to practice so that my art continues to improve and never has to be rushed. This will also allow me to work on some more difficult, complex, and/or longer strips if I come up with them. It may even let me write better stories and jokes. And it will certainly give me the opportunity to work on other projects I’ve been neglecting—musical projects in particular, but also an OTF book and some other merchandise.

And so I thank you, oh loyal reader, for joining me in the journey of my first year as a webcomic artist. I appreciate your feedback and laughter as I’ve created what was, quite honestly, something of a dream of mine. Although I’ll likely take a quick break right now, there are still many more laughs (and surely many exasperated groans) to be shared going forward. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe via RSS or Email so you always know the moment a new comic is up. In the meantime, browse through the archives and rediscover the sheer number of awful puns I’ve managed to commit to cartoonland. Whatever you do, please don’t leave me–I’m fragile and desperate for your approval.